Our Easter was very low key. We decided not to go too crazy because Atti is only 13 months old and didn’t seem too into the idea of egg hunting or dyeing eggs, and certainly not candy (he wishes!). So we set out some eggs for him to “hunt” outside, gave him a basket with some sidewalk chalk (not sure if he will know what to do with it) and a little bag for his eggs, and some fruit snacks.

He saw the eggs, picked a couple up, then kinda waddled/ran away. He didn’t care about the basket, didn’t wanna pick up more eggs, and didn’t want pictures taken. So I felt good about not really doing more for him. I could have gone all out and bought him a ton of stuff for his basket, but I buy him enough on a daily basis.

Next Easter will be more fun! I can’t wait til he wants to do holiday-related activities.


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