Atticus has been cutting his first set of premolars! I was shocked a few weeks ago when I saw a huge blood-filled blister on his gums, because I didn’t even know he was teething. But oh boy, do I know now!

He has been a big old grump. Not too bad, but enough to make us both have some kinda bad days. It was worse with his other teeth, so I’m totally grateful. I just wish there was more I could do for him other than giving him tons of Tylenol.

After some days of screaming on his part and crying on both of ours, I was getting desperate. Atticus already takes Zantac three times a day for his silent reflux (miracle medication, by the way). I hate mixing medicines, no matter how “safe”, so it’s hard to find a time when I can give him Tylenol. Most of the time he just wouldn’t get any at all, or just get some right before bed. But I was getting pretty desperate.

So I bought one of those baltic amber teething necklaces.

If you know me, you’d think that was very out of character. And it really is. See, I believe in lots of things… some natural remedies, the power of having a good diet, ya know, things like that. But I need logical, proven reasons to believe what I do. Every choice I make has to make SENSE.

The skeptic in me is like… dude. Baltic amber necklaces are supposed to work in one of two ways: with magic, or with succinic acid. The magic thing wasn’t gonna fly with me, and honestly, kinda gave the succinic acid thing a lot of discredit in my eyes. And the succinic acid theory of baltic amber says that the amber beads, made of resin, heat up with your body temperature and release trace amounts of the acid into your blood stream. From there, it acts as an analgesic, relieving pain.

Hey, it could work, right? It seems like a pretty good explanation up front. So I bought the dang necklace, put it on Atti, and then waited for results. This was last Wednesday, the 10th, and it’s the 15th now.

The results so far? …Nothing. He isn’t happier, he isn’t drooling less, he isn’t in less pain. In fact, yesterday I took his necklace off during a nap and forgot to put it back on, and he actually slept better and cried less without it.

Friends and well-meaning people keep telling me to give it a week. They tell me to put the necklace nearest to the site of the pain for it to work the best. They tell me I can never ever take it off otherwise it will stop working.

Well, it’s been 5 days. If Atticus was being constantly dosed with something for five days, I’d expect a result. And the result I’d expect would not be that he felt better with the necklace off. But as I say that, realize I am doing the exact opposite of what most people with these necklaces do. Their babies randomly feel better one day, and they attribute it to the necklace. Me saying that Atticus randomly felt worse one day without the necklace on is the same thing. The only logical conclusion is that the necklace is ornamental only. It doesn’t DO anything.

And putting it near the site of the pain? Oh dear. If it really does release something that is absorbed into the skin and enters the blood stream, it doesn’t matter where the necklace is located. If it’s in your blood, it will work anywhere. But again, I don’t think that’s really what’s happening here.

And taking it off – well sorry, but I’m not letting him sleep in it. My paranoid brain just can’t go there. I don’t even wanna speculate right now, it is just not gonna happen.

But of course, I do believe that I don’t know everything. I want to think I do, or that I’m capable of it. But there are no studies on succinic acid or baltic amber. I’m left to draw my own conclusion on my own anecdotal evidence. So I guess for a while, I will keep the dang necklace on. Maybe it will surprise me. But probably not.


6 thoughts on “Teething

  1. “The skeptic in me is like… dude.” Haha, this is so relateable! πŸ˜€ Sorry he’s not feeling so great with teething. I haven’t bought into the amber teething necklace thing…it seems voo-doo’ish to me! lol And I can guarantee that my husband wouldn’t let me spend money on it (unless I was just wanting it for cuteness πŸ˜‰ )
    I do hope Atticus feels better. You could try getting a washcloth wet, ring it out and then frozen it…give it to him when it’s nice and cold and he can chew/suck on it. πŸ™‚

    • Glad I’m not the only skeptic! I’m often a rogue in the attachment parenting world, because I don’t totally believe that nature can heal and provide all. Voo-Doo… HAHA! That’s SO true.

      I have to try the washcloth thing. So far, he has been doing alright. Lots of nursing helps, too. I almost wish the necklace would work… haha.

      • Well, let’s put it this way – I hope his teething discomfort ends soon, no matter what helps! πŸ˜€

  2. I used Camilia and it is made by Boiron, sold at Whole Foods. It is just Chamomile, but it worked miracles. I didn’t even have to give Avery Tylenol. Sorry he is in so much pain 😦 Maybe he needs a trip to Pink Berry.

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