Here I am at 33 weeks along with Atticus. ❤ When I look at him now, it’s CRAZY to believe that I grew him in my body. I remember feeling all his little flutters, kicks, rolls, and hiccups. I have really been missing the feeling of having a little baby in my belly lately… so I thought I’d share an old picture of it. This was almost a year and a half ago! Wow.


7 thoughts on “Flashback!

  1. It’s crazy how quickly time flies, is it not? I’m still in awe that after so many months of trying to get pregnant, I now have an almost five month old at home. To be honest, I actually miss being pregnant too; I loved it! (minus the nausea…)

    • Pregnancy was tough for me, but you know how you forget all the hard parts! Haha. And yes, time does go so fast… I swear it’s sped up like 10x since I became a mama. ❤

  2. Great photos! You looked amazing! 😀 I miss being pregnant too. We’re ttc and hopefully we won’t have to wait TOO much longer… 😉

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