Flat diapers are the best diapers


When I was pregnant, I made the decision to do cloth diapering because it was inexpensive and environmentally friendly. I also heard cloth diapered babies had less rashes. Nice! So I bought some prefolds and some plain Econobum covers, as well as a couple Thirsties XS covers, and waited for little Atticus to arrive.

We used disposables the first month so we didn’t get overwhelmed, and also because the infant sized prefolds we had were HUGE on him. So were the covers. Even after a month, when we started with the diapers, everything was really bulky and weird.

I didn’t like the bulk, he peed out of his prefolds at night, and I didn’t like him sitting in wetness. So I got some fleece liners, and some fitteds to try. Then he got a rash one day and I decided to get some wool for nighttime. And then I was annoyed at folding diapers so I got some AIO’s to try. And I was curious about pockets, because everyone loved them, so I got a few of those. And then a few AI2’s, because they seemed so easy! And I got some different colored covers for fun, and a few more prefolds, and some cloth wipes, and some wet bags, and some more fitteds, and some custom fleece covers and…

Yeah. You get the idea. I went nuts.

It’s partially because I have this obsession with efficiency. I like doing things the right way, and I like things to “feel” good. Now, I have OCD, which is another post in itself. But it probably has something to do with the diaper crazy too.

So at one point, I probably had over 100 diapers with everything included. I sold some stuff off that I hated (pockets and AI2’s mostly) and tried to use the rest.

I was frustrated with having too much variety. I liked the fitteds, but they had hip snaps and I didn’t like that. I missed the prefolds kinda, but we snappi’d them on and they were too small. The wool at night and the fleece or PUL during the day felt like too many options to choose from. I had way too much of everything and I wasn’t that stoked on cloth diapers anymore.

But then Atticus outgrew his prefolds, and those were what we used all the time. I decided I’d try flats, even though I was sure I’d hate them due to the folding involved, but hey… hadn’t done those yet. And I had to, of course. I have to try everything.

And the verdict? Flats are the BEST. Diapers. EVER! They were everything I wanted… trim, absorbent, soft, cute, easy to care for, easy to wash, and inexpensive. I recently just sold off my fitteds (except some MEOS I use at nighttime with some hemp doublers) and lots of my covers and odds and ends… and now I have a big old flats stash. Well, a little one. And I LOVE IT.

…but then I found out they make flats out of more than just cotton nowadays. Things like super soft bamboo, and super absorbent hemp. So um, I have to try those.

I’ll be posting again when I get some more flats to try. I’m going to be making some of my own and then probably buying some as well. I’m so excited! (And yes, I know I’m a dork for loving cloth diapers so much.)

And now I have to go to bed, since I just spent like 3 hours doing homework and it’s 1am!


3 thoughts on “Flat diapers are the best diapers

  1. Haha, if my hubby would’ve let me, I definitely would have tried all those things too (I can get obsessive easily!!) but he certainly wouldn’t have! 😉
    I’m glad you found flats the best. Where’d you buy them? Are they not waterproof? I mean, there are no covers?

    • I’m lucky to have a husband that doesn’t say no to me. He’ll get really quiet and stressed out (haha poor guy) but he won’t say no. Sometimes I think he should!
      I got my flats from GreenMountainDiapers.com … they’re REALLY good quality. One of the best in the diapering world, and they’re very square which is good for folding. And no, they’re just absorbent. They’re one big square of cotton. They need a waterproof cover over them. In the picture I posted, Atticus was just in a flat diaper with no cover on over it. Sometimes I let him do that if it’s hot, and if I watch him to make sure he doesn’t get too wet and sit on the couch and make that wet too. Haha!

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