I’m back…


Sooo, I took a little break. Not really even on purpose, things just got crazy. First, Atticus got roseola. I didn’t know that’s what it was until the third day so I was panicking for a while. It took about a week for that to resolve (high fevers, then a rash). But the next week was filled with extreme IRRITABILITY. I had to Google it because Atticus was screaming and throwing fits constantly, and apparently that’s a common finding. It was a rough couple of weeks.

Then my financial aid was taken away from me. That sucked. My student mentor told me if I completed all my classes, I’d be in good standing with financial aid. Well, lo and behold, she was wrong. Although I passed all 12 units, my financial aid was taken away anyway. Lots of tears, phone calls, and frustration there. I’m still in the process of writing an appeal for that, and hoping I get reinstated. If I don’t, I pretty much won’t ever become a teacher. I can’t pay out of pocket, can’t get private loans due to bad credit, and can’t waste any more money transferring to another school. Since I’m at an online university, my units wouldn’t transfer, so the past 2 years of work (and $30,000) would be lost. Ugh.

Atticus is almost 16 months old. He just started waving, but he has no idea that’s what he’s doing. He mostly does it as an alternative to pointing. He said a new word… “ouch”. That brings his word count to six. “Mama”, “Dada”, “dirt”, and “ouch”. He also says “hi” and “buh-bye”. What a boy! Haha!

He is starting to throw tantrums, too. I swear every ten minutes he is throwing himself on the ground in protest. It’s adorable but I’m not really sure how to react or what to do.

So anyway, I need to update this thing more often. I love looking back at old entries from when I was pregnant. Brings back lots of memories… 🙂


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