Ah, pregnancy.


I forgot all this stuff. Well, kinda. I was pregnant, what, two years ago? Longer? And I swear my mind forgot how much some of these things sucked.

What kind of things? Morning sickness. Ew. It’s getting better now that I’m 8 weeks along, but it still sucks. I have it a lot easier than many women, too. I haven’t vomited yet (tmi), but boy, do I want to sometimes. If I keep my belly full of foods that I don’t find repulsive, it seems to keep the nausea away for a bit.

The worst pregnancy symptom is probably the heightened sense of smell, for me. I can’t stand being near Tyler because of it. His breath always smells like whatever food he ate (I swear, it will smell like he just ate it even if it was half a day prior) so I get really grossed out just breathing the same air as him. Haha. My sense of smell is usually terrible, so being able to get a whiff of everything is pretty crappy. Everything smells gross, too. Ugh.

I also have the acid reflux, the light cramping, a few headaches here and there, and sensitivity in certain parts of my body… which, might I add, have made me dread every single time Atticus wants to nurse. I never really planned to rush him to wean, because I figured I’d let him do it on his own… but like I said above, I forgot about how much certain places can hurt like they were rubbed with sandpaper. Breastfeeding sucks right now. I’m hoping it gets easier soon.

I had my first prenatal appointment yesterday, a low-quality ultrasound, and then a higher quality ultrasound today. I’m due January 30th… 3 days before my due date with buddy! Atticus was Due February 2nd, and born on the 6th. It’s cute that my babies will have birthdays so close. They might not like it so much, but hey, I only have to plan one party!

Anyway, I saw the tiny bear’s little heart beating, and heard it, too. The day was stressful so I couldn’t really get in the moment, but I’m pretty stoked. I’m also pretty in awe of my body right now. Even though I’ve done this before, it’s no less miraculous to me.

Oh, and as a funny aside: My older sister is also pregnant. She’s due on the 17th and I’m due about 2 weeks later! Weird timing 😉


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