Oh yeah, the blog

Baby girl!

I forgot all about this thing. Well, maybe not forgot, but I haven’t had much time to sit and blog lately.

I’m now 23 weeks pregnant! Ahh! It’s a girl, and she is adorable. I can’t wait to meet her. ❤

Pregnancy this time around has been different. With Atticus, I had typical nausea (but few vomiting episodes) during the first trimester, dizziness and skin problems that lasted a couple weeks in the second trimester, and the uncomfortableness started in the third trimester… I got PUPPP I think around 34-35ish weeks, I had bad SPD, sciatica pain, heartburn, the works.

This time, everything started earlier. I had heartburn and what might have been worse nausea in the first trimester. The dizziness and skin problems have been worse and longer lasting in the second trimester. I’ve also had swollen gums and slightly swollen feet in the 2nd tri, which didn’t happen at all last time. The sciatica and SPD pain started around 15 weeks.

I’ve also had braxton hicks contractions, which I was hoping I wouldn’t… but I have them lots, just like I did with my pregnancy with Atticus. They started at 18 weeks with him, and started at 15 weeks with this baby. Dang it!

We have a first name picked out but we are waiting til we meet her for sure. A middle name… no idea yet.

I guess I should start blogging more about this pregnancy. I did with Atticus and it’s fun looking back on all the little things you forget about!


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