Check out this crazy guy

Atticus decided to perch on the shelf behind the couch. He usually just crawls around on it, but today he figured out how to do this. Haha, lovely. Advertisements

Sleepy bears

My loves this morning. Atticus was feeling especially lovey and had to go snuggle his Dada! They’re so cute when they first wake up. I’m so lucky to snuggle these two while I sleep.

Sleepy bear!

He’s so sweet. I love when he sleeps on me and cuddles. I’m lucky to have a very affectionate little guy. I hope he stays that way even when he gets older and needs me a little less.


I remember when Atticus was a newborn. I had no idea what I was doing, and I was having a really hard time, all the time. My days were spent chained to the couch, nursing. When he wasn’t on the boob or sleeping, Atticus was screaming. I hardly ate or slept or showered. That time … Continue reading

Aw, baby bear. I got us all ready to go play at the park and then he fell asleep. Haha! That was over an hour ago! At least he only takes one nap a day now… That means his bed time is like 11pm instead of 2am, and mama and dada have alone time.